OTKF Publications Release: Prayers of Occasions

New OTKF Publications Book Release

Prayers of Occasions: A Handbook of Muslim Salah

The Oxford Traditional Knowledge Foundation (OTKF) is pleased to announce its first publication, Prayers of Occasions: A Handbook of Muslim Salah, compiled and translated by Talal Al-Azem.

The book covers confirmed prayers (salats) from the Sunnah for all occasions, complete with Arabic texts and transliteration.

The book also contains a valuable lesson on the role of the ritual prayer, in the foreword by Sheikh Nuh Keller.

Click here to read Sheikh Nuh Keller's foreword, and to sample other pages from Prayers of Occasions.


Prayers proper to the time of day
The midmorning prayer * The prayer of the oft-repenting * The night prayer

Prayers of the sacred calendar
Night vigil on the eve of mid-Sha‘ban * Ramadan night prayers (tarawih) * Night vigil in the last ten nights of Ramadan * Night vigil on the eves of the two Eids * The Eid al-Fitr prayer * Night vigil in the ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah * The Eid al-Adha prayer

Prayers regarding the natural world
The solar eclipse prayer * The prayer for rain * The prayer of fear from nature

Prayers of Divine aid
The prayer of guidance * The prayer of need * The prayer for strengthening the memory

Prayers proper to certain actions
The prayer after ablutions * The prayer of greeting the mosque * The prayer before travelling * The prayer upon returning from travel * The prayer of entering or exiting one's home

Prayers of momentous occasions
The wedding night prayer * The funeral prayer * The prayer of the condemned

Prayers of spiritual ascent
The prostration of gratitude * The prayer of repentance * The prayer of glorification * The prayer of filial piety * A prayer to stave off hypocrisy


OTKF Publications strives to produce works that adhere to the standard of ihsan, or excellence in all matters. Towards this, Prayers of Occasions has been produced with an eye towards longevity; with a sewn binding, a beautiful gilded crimson cloth hardcover, and a matching ribbon for marking your page, you will appreciate the care that has been given to this book. These details of quality will, insha'Allah, ensure that the book serves you and your family for decades to come.

Available Now

Prayers of Occasions is available now on the OTKF website for direct order at £12. International shipping to the U.S. and Canada is also available. For all other countries, please email us to make shipping arrangements.

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