OTKF Publications aims to further the availability of books of the highest quality, both in form and material, in addition to serving as a stream of revenue for OTKF educational events.

OTKF Publications is comprised of three complementary series: (1) Spirituality; (2) Madrasa Curriculum Textbooks; (3) Dialectic. Together, these three series aim to situate what we learn with how we live and why we do so. The publications encourage a revival of a sacred view of the world and man's role in it, reanchoring them in the Divine.

Prayers of Occasions
Prayers of Occasions

Available now – £12.

The Oxford Traditional Knowledge Foundation (OTKF) is pleased to announce its first publication, Prayers of Occasions: A Handbook of Muslim Salah.

Sections include: Prayers proper to the time of day; prayers of the sacred calendar; prayers regarding the natural world; prayers of Divine aid; prayers proper to certain actions; prayers of momentous occasions; and prayers of spiritual ascent. It also contains a valuable lesson on the role of the ritual prayer, in the foreword by Sheikh Nuh Keller. More details...

£ 12.00

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